Wholesale / Zero Waste

Signing up for a wholesale account is completely free.

Once signed up, you can order free samples of our product range through the website, decide what you like and then order cases with no minimum order quanty. 

We also have a wide range of zero waste products available, so if you own a zero waste/refill store we'll have the right product for you. 

As a company, we believe food should be made using simple, honest and natural ingredients. That's why we make our vegan and gluten free chocs in small batches using ingredients sourced from ethical and sustainable producers.

We don’t add nasty, controversial, or unnecessary ingredients like Palm Oil, Zein or Shellac to our products; in fact we try to keep ingredients to a minimum! Our Dark Chocolate only has 3 ingredients (and 2 of them are cocoa).

We are committed to not using ingredients in our products that come from intensive monocultures.

Our refill range is available in quantities of 5kg. It is supplied in biodegradable bags made with an additive that accelerates the degradation process, so that the bag first breaks down and then biodegrades into carbon dioxide, water and humus within 2-5 years. We know this isn’t perfect, but it is the best we’ve been able to find to safely get the product to you. We’re always open to feedback and ideas though!

Our products are all handmade in the UK, in small batches of around 40kg, using traditional methods and modern plant-based recipes.

We have always believed that there is no need to compromise on taste, quality or ethics and hope you love eating our products as much as we love making them.

To get you setup with an account, simply complete the form below and as soon as we’ve received it, we’ll confirmed you are a good fit for wholesale membership and approve your account. We can’t wait to hear from you and get your first order out.

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